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This is Not Another Program You'll Buy and Soon Forget!

Financial Playbook is an inexpensive, easy-to-use, powerful toolset that allows you to quickly calculate sophisticated scenarios for your clients, illustrating the results with professional-quality graphs and tables. With Financial Playbook you quickly define client's financial goals and create savings strategies illustrating what needs to be done to reach those goals.

Financial Playbook is the ideal tool for quickly reviewing your client's situation and assumptions, and helping them convert vague goals into specific dollar amounts and specific savings plans. Following up, you'll use it to check that your clients are "on track" and provide clear alternatives if you find they're not.

With multiple easily modified variables and unequalled flexibility in designing and revising scenarios, Financial Playbook provides fully customized results that your clients will recognize and accept as their own.

  • Input is quick and results are immediate; changes are simple and fast! Save favorite "generic" scenarios and customize them for each client, then save the specific client scenario for your records. Use the last scenario you ran for a client as the basis for your review and update when you see them next - no need to re-enter data.

  • Results display onscreen in colorful graphs and tables. Show your client the results of each scenario, with no hidden assumptions - all the numbers are there to examine in clear, client-friendly formats. Printed reports include optional cover page customized with your name and address. Report disclaimers for each module can be fully customized.

  • Easy to learn because its easy to use! You'll be adding value to your client contacts in no time. Includes a complete Help file, Tool Tips, What's This? Help, Training Tips tutorial screens and a selection of sample scenarios. Unlimited email technical support is included.

  • The built-in Present Value/Future Value, Weighted Average Portfolio Return, and Detailed College Cost calculators are right where you need them when you need them to facilitate the input process or answer questions. In fact, you'll find these handy calculators valuable tools on their own.

  • These modules have a capability you've never seen before: Selectable SolutionsTM. Now you don't have to use a tool that solves for only one thing in order to "wiggle into" the answer you want. With Financial Playbook you tell the program what you want to solve for and it does the work. "Now that is a Great Idea!"

  • In addition to defining your client's goals and strategies, you need to motivate them to act. Demonstrate how delay can make their goals difficult or impossible to reach. Express the cost of delay in whichever of the four different ways means the most to your client.

  • One aspect of successful practice management is adding perceived value to your services in a time-and-cost-effective way. This software enables you to quickly convert client's vague objectives into definite financial targets and develop strategies for them to hit those targets.

  • Planners need to have good reasons for more contacts with their clients. Each contact is an opportunity to enhance the perceived value of the services provided and to discover new client needs to be addressed. Doing periodic tracking of previously established targets and strategies provides such a reason, and this software makes it easy.

  • Monitoring progress is quicker when you have saved the client's scenario and can easily update it. Using the same tools for initial planning as well as monitoring also makes it easier for the client to understand any adjustments that need to be made based on investment performance, deviation from the original savings plan, anticipated inflation, or other factors.
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