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All of our Enterprise Programs feature:
  • Unlimited distribution rights at no extra cost, so you can cost-effectively distribute your sales tools as widely as possible.
  • Calculations fully customized to exactly match your in-house calculations. No need to settle for "approximate" performance illustrations.
  • All printed reports and graphs include disclaimers written or approved by your compliance staff.
  • Full control over the range of each input parameter, such as inflation, minimum investments or withdrawal amounts, etc. permitted.
  • Customized graphics that feature your company's name and logo and present the on-screen "look" you desire.
  • User-friendly, industry standard, installation programs and complete Help files.
Our programs can be downloaded from Web sites to the end user's computer or distributed on disk or CD. Web versions are also available. This flexibility permits the widest number of salespeople to obtain, use and update your programs in the manner they prefer.

Mutual Fund companies use this program to illustrate the performance of their funds in multiple ways, and to demonstrate how their funds may be used to accomplish client goals.

There are two versions of this program: Domestic US and International.

The Domestic US version uses American English for all input and output and US dollars for currency.

The International version may be customized to any language and normally utilizes at least two currencies - the basis currency (in which the fund is denominated) and a local currency. For countries in the EEC, the Euro is included in addition to the local currency.

Detailed information regarding both versions of MF/ILLUSTRATOR is available at our Enterprise Software website: www.cfpsoft.com 

Companies that sponsor and/or distribute Variable Annuities use this program to illustrate in various ways the performance of their investment options, and to demonstrate how their variable annuities may be used to accomplish client goals.

Detailed information regarding VA/ILLUSTRATOR is available at our Enterprise Software website: www.cfpsoft.com 

Asset Allocation
This program includes a Questionnaire to evaluate the client's risk tolerance, a review of the client's current portfolio and a suggested portfolio based on the client's risk tolerance and investment time horizon. This program is usually distributed with MF/ILLUSTRATOR or VA/ILLUSTRATOR as a complementary selling and presentation tool, but can be used on a stand-alone basis.

Detailed information regarding Asset Allocation is available at our Enterprise Software website: www.cfpsoft.com 

Bulk Purchase of "Financial Playbook"
Normally sold directly to Financial Planners, Brokers, Insurance Agents and other Financial Services professionals, this program may be purchased in bulk for distribution to your sales force. There are several opportunities for "branding" the program with your corporate identity.

Financial Playbook enables the user to quickly quantify clients' goals, and design and illustrate in fully customized reports and graphs the necessary saving strategies for reaching those goals. This motivates clients to start investing and continue investing. The ability to save scenarios permits easy tracking of client progress and development of modifications to the strategy as necessary, which promotes and encourages further client contact. The combination of low price and extensive features for this program can't be beat! Click here here for detailed information or

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