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Calculate the rate of return for any investment based on the cash flows into and out of the investment. Use it for a single investment or an aggregated portfolio of investments. The investment may be an actual past or current one, or it may be a forecasted investment. An example of the latter would be calculating the rate of return for a fixed annuity or bond purchased now with a fixed series of future payments.

Working Area with Graph
The lower 1/3 of the screen is the Input area, the upper 2/3 is the Results area.  See results as you work!

The starting and ending dates and values are entered in the left panel. Intermediate investments, withdrawals and distributions taken in cash are entered in the center. Clicking Systematic Cash Flows permits the quick entry of dollar-cost-averaging investment plans or systematic withdrawals. One-time entries are made directly into the table, and duplicate entries can be easily added using the Copy and Paste commands.

Because rate of return calculations depend on the timing of the cash flows, this type of calculation is difficult to do by hand or with ordinary calculators. This module purposely avoids all complicating factors such as share price, number of shares, etc., in order to focus on the most efficient calculation of Return.

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