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Use one or two simultaneous savings plans. Create a new account, add to an existing account, or set up one and solve for what the other must do to achieve the total results desired. For example: calculate the reduced additions needed in Plan 2 as a result of increased returns in Plan 1. Particularly useful for coordinating 401(k) and personal savings plans.
Working Area with Graph

The lower 1/3 of the screen is the Input area, the upper 2/3 is the Results area.  See results as you work!

The calendar icon
next to Invest. Period. is the Time Format control, which permits selection of how time will be expressed on the Graphs and Tables: elapsed, date or client's age. Customize the scenario to your client's age or today's date!

The blue calculator icon
next to Accum. Value is the Present Value/ Future Value calculator. It's a snap to adjust your client's goals for inflation! Transfer that number to the input area with a click.

The yellow calculator icon
next to the two Invest. Return controls is the Weighted Average Return Calculator. Use this to quickly calculate the weighted average return of existing or proposed multi-investment portfolios. Transfer the number to the input area with a click. (In addition to printing the results, you can print a blank worksheet for use in assembling the necessary information.)

Use the Selectable Solutions™ feature to Solve specifically for any of the following:
  • the final amount
  • time needed to attain the goal
  • periodic additions to either Plan
  • rate of return for either Plan
  • initial balance required in either Plan
No more "trial and error" planning. Enter the parameters you have and Solve for what you need!

 Introduction   Sample Reports 
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